Case Studies

AxoGen: A Brand Strategy for Success

Axogen, a medical device company with a focus in nerve grafting and repair, called upon Five Visual for their brand development. The company was facing increasing demands of a rapidly growing and expanding company. Five entered the project to act as a creative arm, collaborating with the marketing team to clean and tighten the current identity and brand standards and bring their existing work to fruition.

Doug Collins: Publishing Innovation

Doug Collins, an Innovation Architect, advises teams of Fortune 500 companies with their Innovation initiatives. Doug came to Five to develop his personal brand that would appeal to his corporate clientele, manage publishing and marketing channels and ultimately launch a website and the three-volume series on Amazon, and Apple iBooks. The third volume of which culminated in a multi-touch learning tool. Five led Doug through an extensive discovery process in order to establish the parameters of this interactive vehicle in relation to the changing and growing capabilities of e-publishing technology.

Mercy Health: In touch with today’s mom

Mercy Health turned to Five Visual to develop a quality product that would set their birthing center apart from others in the area, and encourage expecting moms to choose Mercy for their birthing and postnatal care. With the hospitals goals in mind, Five evaluated the needs of Mercy’s patients and constructed a warm, elegant communication package of essential parenting information, sending the message that Mercy understands new mothers. 

Redesigning the Face of Chaco Credit Union

Five Visual worked with Chaco Credit Union to rebrand and redesign their online presence to better reflect the company’s vision and goals as a community player. The new site uses human-centered communication strategies to create a platform that engages members, bringing them face to face with the Chaco team, presenting products and services in a friendly, accessible venue.

Representing Micro Products in a Macro World

Hanggi Corporation, a Swiss precision micro-stamping company, contacted Five Visual to help them stand out in the competitive and densely crowded industrial tradeshow environment. Five honed in on Hanggi’s primary need to communicate their capabilities quickly and succinctly to grab the focus of and initiate sales dialogues with potential customers. Through the application of clear and distinct visual messaging, Five rebranded the Hanggi tradeshow environment to attract and engage their specific niche customers out of the broader crowd.

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